Deanne is a tenacious realtor who takes her client’s interests seriously. Her services to us spanned almost two years in our efforts to relocate, and she was unwavering in her support of our changing criteria. Deanne’s expertise is unparalleled, and coupled with her reliability, we couldn’t have  asked for a more qualified realtor. In addition to knowing the area inside and out, Deanne always had a vision for what could be and what wasn’t such a good idea. She was willing to pursue the smallest details and fight for our interests. This was no small effort as our transaction involved four buyers, including two from out of state. Deanne also brings a great network of professionals to the table who are necessary to complete a real estate transaction. She knows and can recommend just the right people for the jobs. Yes, Deanne worked effortlessly to find property and close our deal, but her interest did not stop the day we signed the papers. She continues to be available if we have questions. We highly recommend her services if you are looking for a smart, talented, dedicated real estate professional.